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* * * This Registration Page is currently being updated with 2018 information * * *

2017 Camper Registration Information and Forms

Week 3 is a 3-day Junior High Session open to all students who have completed grades 7 thru 9.

Click for 2017 Camper Registration Form

Click for Camper Medical Information Form

Click for Release Of Liability Form

Click for Activity Participation Agreement Form

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Click for 2017 Day Camp Brochure (1,355K)

Each camper must submit a Registration, Medical Information, and Release of Liability form before the start of camp. Submit the Registration Form(s) to reserve your week(s) and qualify for the Early Registration discount when the registration fee is paid in full by March 31. The Activity Participation Agreement Form must be submitted to participate in offsite activities.

"The Day Camp At Plum Creek" is a Christian-based adventure day camp for elementary and Jr. High aged children.  The camp is located in Plum Borough and features challenge elements such as a low-ropes course and mountain boarding; as well as arts and crafts, team sports, Bible study, drama, praise and worship, faith stories, nature education, and much more.

The climbing tower and zip line will only be available during the Jr High Session during camp week 3.

2017 Day Camp Weeks     (Child may register for one or more weeks.)
  • June 19 - 23     Elementary Session - 5 days
  • June 26 - 30     Elementary Session - 5 days
  • July   5 -  7       Jr High Session - 3 days only
  • July  10 - 14     Elementary Session - 5 days

Camp hours: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm. (Drop off beginning at 8:00 am if needed.)

After-camp care is available from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm for an additional fee of $10 per camper per day.

Each camper will receive one free t-shirt during their first week of attendance.

2017 Registration Fees and Discount Programs

We offer 2 discounts and this year (2017) you may take advantage of both of them:

  • Early Registration - If you register and pay in full by March 31st, then pay the fees listed in columns A1 and A2 in the table below. Use columns B1 and B2 on and after April 1st.
  • More Than One - The first child in a family pays the full registration fee (columns A1 or B1) only for their first week of camp. Use columns A2 or B2 for all additional weeks for that same child or all weeks for any siblings.
    You may add weeks and siblings at any time and still qualify for this 'More Than One' discount, but you must use the B2 column rates on/after April 1st, regardless of when the first registration was made.

Payment must be received or postmarked by March 31 to qualify for the Early Registration discount.

See below for some examples on calculating camper fees.

2017 Registration Fees
Payment postmarked by March 31, 2017 Payment postmarked on/after April 1, 2017
Sessions A1 - 1st child/1st week A2 - Each add'l week or child B1 - 1st child/1st week B2 - Each add'l week or child
June 19- 23 $100 $90 $125 $120
June 26- 30 $100 $90 $125 $120
July 5 - 7
(3-day week)
3-day Jr. High Session
$80 $72 $100 $96
July 10- 14 $100 $90 $125 $120

Registration Fees Examples
  • One child, one week (June 19), register before 3/31: Use column A1 (by 3/31, 1st week for 1st child) $100 for week of June 19.
  • Above child attends week of camp and wants to come back for another week: Use column B2 (after 4/1, register for 2nd week) $120 for week of June 26.
  • Two siblings, two weeks each (June 26 & July 10), register before 3/31: Use column A1 (by 3/31, 1st week for 1st child) $100 for 1st child for week of June 26 + use column A2 (by 3/31, 2nd child) $90 for 2nd child for week of June 26 + use column A2 (by 3/31, 2nd week) $90 for each child for 2nd week of July 10.
    $100 + $90 + $90 + $90 = $370 total registration fee for 2 children for 2 weeks each.

Camper registration fees pay less than 35% of the Camp's annual operating budget.

Cancellations and Refunds

Until May 31, 2017 and as space permits, registration fee may be applied to another session during this camping season.
Cancellations occurring by May 31, 2017 will result in forfeiture of (one-half) of the total registration fee.
No refunds after May 31, 2017.

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